Selling to an InvestorListing with an Agent
No Closing CostsSeller Pays Closing Costs
Flexible Closing TimelineClose in 30 days After Accepted Offer
No Days on the MLSPotentially Months on the MLS
No AppraisalHome Must Appraise for Sales Price
No ShowingsOpen Houses
No CommissionsPay Buyer/Seller Agent Commissions (Typically 6%)
No RepairsPossible Buyer Requested Repairs at Seller Cost

Calculate the Numbers and Assess Your Goals

Selling to an Investor

Sales Price: $250,000

Repairs: $ –

Closing Costs: $ –

Commissions: $ –

Take Home Amount: $250,000

Selling with An Agent

Sales Price: $300,000

Estimated Repairs: – $15,000

Closing Costs: – $7,500

Commissions: – $18,000

Take Home Amount: $259,500

What’s Not Considered Above? The amount of time your home is sitting on the market, potential price drops, increased costs of repairs, and so many more uncertainties.

At Foundation House Buyers we offer benefits that the traditional sales process can not.

Close to cash in a week

No Closing Costs

No Cleaning

No Repairs

See for yourself and get your all-cash offer today.

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